2K Medical Customer Testimonials




"Just want to say what a pleasure it has been working with the team at 2K Medical.  After our experience here in Grand Junction especially, we feel that you guys have a real understanding of what Service is all about.  Thanks again for being there for us!" Richard E. Stiefler, M.D., F.A.A.D.

"Your expedient support is much appreciated." Ruth H. Kawano - Medical Services of the Pacific, LLC


"I would like to thank you, for all your help in getting our system setup in a very professional manner.  I really appreciated for the fact you went out of your way to help us in configuring our server to function with Medisoft and your extended knowledge with Window Server 2008 Operating system." J.R. Esmaili


"2Klean Claims has allowed our practice to receive payments promptly. I would recommend this to anyone who uses Lytec." Terry Freedmon - MBS


"2KMobile Link has given me access to Lytec anytime I need it from my mobile phone. It has been a life saver." Jerry Finkle - STAT Clinic


" In regards to your request for feedback, I think about my early years with Lytec.  I spent a lot of time mad at you guys.  My experiences about support were not good.  My perceptions have changed considerably since then.  I think both our companies have grown and you have been a wonderful support person to go to.   With all the horrible changes we are facing in coding and billing, without your help, this would be a much more difficult transition.  I am grateful for your patience and knowledge of the software so that Sheila and I can be more confident that our billings are reflecting the new guidelines.  This particular instance you have asked for input was answered and resolved satisfactorily.  Giving us a chance to email you with questions and/or concerns that are not time critical has given us an opportunity to fine tune better our interaction with the software and Lytec support.  I don't have any suggestions for improvement at this time.  Thanks for asking." Jean - PT Matters







































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