Lytec 2017




Lytec 2017 is designed to help your practice maximize your revenue as you navigate an increasingly difficult regulatory
landscape as well as a shift toward patient responsibility. Lytec 2017 includes some exciting new features that will allow
you to collect more per scheduled visit.


Lytec 2017 New Features Include the Following:


Accounts Receivable Tracking Tool

ICD-10 Search Tool

Integrated Appointment Reminder System


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Accounts Receivable Tracking Tool


Offers practices the ability to drill down into their Patient and Insurance accounts receivable and follow up on any outstanding claims or statements. The drill down functionality will make it easy for your practice to work the AR and assign different collection tasks to your staff based on the condition of the receivables. With customizable views that can be saved, each staff member can have a different view that represents their work list for the day. You can filter the AR Tracking tool by many different values in order to narrow the scope of your work to only those claims or statements that you are working at the time. This is the main screen for the A/R Tracking feature. It displays the filter settings and the grid shows you the information that meets the filter requirements.

A/R Tracking screen
This is the main screen for the A/R Tracking feature. It displays the filter settings and the grid shows you the information that meets the filter requirements.


Lytec 2017 AR Tracking


Filters and Options screen
Use this screen to set up and save filtering options for your A/R tracking. You can also save your settings with a specific filter name and later select that filter name to automatically make your selections.



ICD-10 Search Tool

Lytec 2017 includes a powerful ICD-10 search tool to help practices quickly select billable codes and avoid claim denials due to lack of specificity. The fast, physician friendly tool helps you search by codes, clinical and billing
descriptions, abbreviations, and even by clicking on anatomical diagrams. It also prompts for secondary codes to support quality program reporting. Don't let your cash flow be negatively affected by the changing requirements, let Lytec 2017 help you select the right codes!


Updated Find Diagnosis screen
The Find Diagnosis screen has been enhanced for ICD-10 code/description search and find. A new ICD-10 Lookup button has been added. Clicking it will open the eMDs


Lytec 2017 ICD-10 Search Tool



New ICD-10 Search Screen
The eMDs ICD-10 Search screen will open when you click the ICD-10 Lookup button. Use this to look up and select codes/descriptions for ICD-10 codes.


Using this screen you can enter a code or description, such as "Diabetes," and the Search will locate corresponding ICD-10 codes. Select one, click the OK button, and the code/description will be added to the Find Diagnosis screen and highlighted.

Also, if you highlight an ICD-9 code on the Find Diagnosis grid and click the ICD-10 Lookup button, the eMDs ICD-10 Search screen will show you corresponding ICD-10 codes for that ICD-9. You can select one or change the Search data and search for other codes.




Review tab
You can use the Review tab to review your selections. Click the Review tab or click the Next button to view the Review tab.



Integrated Appointment Reminder System


Autoremind offers practices the ability to send appointment reminders to patients with upcoming appointments. These reminders can be sent through phone calls, secure emails, and text messages. As patients confirm their appointments, your Lytec system will be updated to reflect that confirmation status. You can also use the Autoremind portal to assist as you work through the patient recall process. *Additional Monthly Fees Apply


Use Auto-Remind to create automatic reminders to send to your patients regarding upcoming appointments. Auto Remind will sync with your appointment data and allow you to send reminders via email, phone, text, and fax.
When patients mark the appointment as confirmed, this information will be sent to Lytec and update the patient's appointment. With Auto Remind, you can potentially reduce costs, minimize no-shows, and improve customer

You can launch Auto-remind from the following locations in Lytec:

• Scheduling toolbar. Clicking this button will open Auto-remind on the main page.
• Patient view (next to the eView button). Clicking this button will open Auto-remind to the Patient page.
• Edit Appointment screen. Clicking this will open Auto-remind to the Appointment page.
• Right-click menu on the Appointment Details grid. This will open Auto-remind to the Appointment page.


New Column Added to Appointments Detail Grid


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