Communications Manager for Lytec



Communications Manager

There are two major components of healthcare that must operate in tandem for a facility to adequately care for patients and remain financially viable - the clinical component and the administrative component. Lytec medical billing software includes the functionality necessary to bridge this gap, in the form of Communications Manager.

No longer are office staff and clinical staff unaware of what the other side is doing in real- time. No longer does patient data need to be manually input into an entirely new system. No longer are claims delayed, prolonging the time it takes a facility to be paid for services.

Lytec Communications Manager exports data from your Lytec practice management software to Medinotes and SpringCharts electronic medical records software. This link provides an end-to-end solution tying together the entire physician office from scheduling to exams and treatment to billing.

  • Avoids errors and duplications during data entry
  • Billing information is held in "staging area" and checked for errors
  • Maintain timely information
  • Ensure compatibility
  • Sockets-based for real-time data exchange
  • Carries full patient, insurance and schedule information to the EMR
  • Tray icon shows transactions ready to post
  • Intelligent use of defaults
  • Uses three status flags: Ready-to-post, warning, error
  • "Grouped" transactions are maintained in proper order and posted together
  • Fields can be edited while viewing the transactions
  • Record of all "deleted" transactions is maintained
  • Full compatibility with both practice management system and EMR - a "factory solution"






















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